About Centergoal

Centergoal is a sport played by two teams on a grass field. This sport requires speed, passing, toughness, and shot accuracy. In centergoal two teams of three players each attempt to knock over a goal that is positioned in the center of the field and surrounded by a circle that players from neither team may enter. The game is played with two balls and each team begins the game with one ball. Each team attempts to propel the goal into the opposing team's half of the field by hitting the goal with one of the balls. The fact that centergoal uses two balls and a single goal makes it different from many popular sports such as soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and hockey which use one ball (or puck) and two goals.

Centergoal was first played in western Michigan around 2009 or 2010. The sport evolved from a simple game of two people attemping to kick a soccer ball at another soccer ball positioned between them. The basic rules of centergoal have remained unchanged since its inception but minor changes have been made as problematic situations arose during gameplay. It is possible that additional rule changes may need to be made in the future. The current rules of centergoal can be viewed on the "Rules" page.